Marks vs Percentile JEE Main 2022

For admission to the top engineering colleges via JEE Mains, it is essential to know which exams to study for. In this article, we will show you different rankings and percentile rates of JEE main 2022 vs rank 2022. Knowing the details of marks vs percentile for JEE Main 2022 enables candidates to prepare effectively. The marks vs percentile tool by the NTA JEE Main can help you select an appropriate preparation strategy.

JEE Main 2022 marks vs percentile can be derived with the help of normalization. The National Testing Agency releases the percentile score of JEE Main as it is conducting examinations in several seasons. The final marks and percentile of JEE Main will be released later by the National Testing Agency (NTA). 

The JEE Main examination had a change in its passing criteria. The examination took into account the period during which candidates took their last mock test and its effect on marks and percentile placement. The rank predictor of JEE Main is also very helpful in determining the JEE Main rank. You can check the probability of scoring a percentile in 2022 vs the expected score and then find information on several colleges that take JEE marks by using the information in this article.

JEE Main Marks vs Percentile Relation

Candidate’s RankCumulative MarksObtained Percentile
19-12286- 29299.99826992- 99.99890732
42-23280-28499.99617561 – 99.99790569
106-64268- 27999.99034797 – 99.99417236
524-108250- 26799.95228621- 99.99016586
4667-2863200-21499.57503767- 99.73930423
6664- 4830189-19999.39319714- 99.56019541
10746-7152175-18899.02150308 – 99.3487614
76260-6699995-10193.05600452 -93.89928202
87219-7811189-9492.05811248 -92.88745828
109329-9014479-8890.0448455 -91.79177119

JEE Main Percentile Calculation

Normalization is taken care of to average out the level of difficulty. Therefore, NTA will release the percentile scores after normalization in JEE Main 2022. Percentile scores indicate the percentage of people who took that particular exam, and who got the lower or the same score. This is from a 100-0 scale. 

The National Talent Assessment will aggregate your grades in the three subjects you have taken (Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics) and normalize them to find the percentage of students who have those scores. To keep things simple, only the top score of each JEE Main season will get 100. The rest of the scores will be changed to 150 points, so the conversion is easy enough to handle. Merit lists help ensure that your work gets the most recognition it deserves. They are also used to place students into different classes and schools according to their skill level. Note that the percentile is calculated up to seven decimal points.

The students should now be able to understand the relation between marks and percentile as far as JEE Main 2022 is concerned.


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