What is a 0.5 Handicap? Experience Betting 0.5 Handicaps Effectively

Asian Handicap betting is a popular form of sports betting that has been gaining traction in recent years. It offers bettors the opportunity to experience betting with a 0.5 handicap, which can be an effective way to increase their chances of winning. In this article, we’ll take a look at what a 0.5 handicap is and how it works in Asian Handicap betting.

What is a 0.5 Handicap?

A 0.5 handicap (ราคาบอล 0.5) is a type of betting system used in sports betting, particularly in Asian Handicap betting. It involves giving the underdog an edge, by starting them off with a 0.5 goal or point advantage over the favourite team. This means that if the team you have selected wins, you also win; and if there is a draw result, your stake will be refunded. In some cases, it is possible to split your stake on a team over two handicaps such as (-0.5 & -1), (-1 & -1.5), etc. Which further increases your chances of winning.

Experience Betting 0.5 Handicap Effectively

Playing 0.5 handicaps effectively can be a great way to make money in sports betting. Here are some of the details you need to know about this type of bet:

  • Handicap betting provides one team with a goal disadvantage (-0.5, -1, or 1.5 for example) for betting purposes.
  • The betting principle for this handicap is the same as for +0.5, except that one goal is added to the team’s final score.
  • Handicap +0.5 betting involves giving the underdog an edge, ensuring that they are afforded some leeway against a favourite.
  • Asian handicap bets allow you to play the margins and win either your entire bet or push half while winning or losing the other half.
  • Traders – on a betting exchange – or bookmakers interpret situational factors and represent each player with a handicap to even out their chances of winning or losing the match.
  • Also known as line betting, spread, points betting, or Asian handicap, handicap betting is the process whereby a bookmaker turns a sporting event into an even playing field by giving one team an advantage over another in terms of goals scored (or points).
  • The Asian Handicap effectively covers you for that middle outcome where neither team wins nor loses but ties instead; if Southampton were to play Newport the betting odds would be greatly skewed in the favour of Southampton without it being applied as an Asian Handicap bet type option.
  • Bettors also have the option to bet alternate Asian handicaps, such as +0 & -1/4 or -1 & -1/2 which takes your stake and effectively places two handicaps on both teams at once; this means that if either team wins then you will win your bet but if there is a draw then only half of your stake will be returned as winnings whilst the other half will be lost.

How to Bet 0.5 Handicap at Fun88

Placing a 0.5 handicap bet at Fun88.com is easy and straightforward.

First off, select your desired sport from Fun88’s list of available sports markets and then choose which match you would like to place your bet on – make sure that you check whether there’s an available 0.5 handicap market for that particular match beforehand!

Once you’ve selected your desired match and checked that there’s an available 0.5 handicap market for it, simply click on either “Team A” or “Team B” depending on which side you think will win after taking into account any pre-game advantages given through goals or points spread out across different parts of play (e.g., first half, second half).

Then enter your stake amount and click “Place Bet”. That’s all there is to it!

What Are The Different Types of Handicaps Offered at Fun88?

At Fun88 there are three main types of handicaps offered: full-time (FT), 1st Half (HT) and 2nd Half (SH) – each offering its own unique set of advantages depending on what kind of bettor you are and what kind of outcome you’re expecting from any given match!

  • Full Time (FT) offers punters more flexibility as they can choose between backing either Team A or Team B regardless if they have any pre-game advantages.
  • 1st Half (HT) gives punters who expect Team A or Team B to dominate during only one part of play some extra value.
  • 2nd Half (SH) allows punters who expect both teams’ performances during two halves not necessarily be equal but still end up in a draw some extra value too!

Why Would You Choose to Bet on A 0.5 Handicap?

The main benefit of betting on a 0.5 handicap is that it gives you better odds than if you were betting on either team/player without any handicaps applied. This means that if you are confident in your selection, then betting on the 0.5 handicaps could potentially give you higher returns than betting without any handicaps applied at all!

What Are Some Strategies for Betting on The 0.5 Handicap at Fun88?

When betting on the 0.5 handicaps at Fun88 there are several strategies that can be employed in order to increase your chances of success; firstly, always make sure that you research both teams thoroughly before placing any bets as this will give you an idea of who might have an advantage over whom before kick-off time arrives! Secondly, try and look out for any trends within certain leagues or tournaments as this could help inform your decision-making process when selecting which teams/players to back with the 0.5 handicap option! Finally, always remember that no matter how confident you may feel about certain selections never risk more money than what you can afford too as this could lead to large losses should things not go according to plan!


Betting on sports can be great fun but it’s important that punters understand all aspects involved before placing any bets; this includes understanding what types of bets are available such as the 0.5 handicap option offered at Fun88 and also being aware of potential strategies such as hedging bets and researching teams thoroughly beforehand in order increase chances of success when placing bets using this system! Good luck with all future sports betting endeavours everyone!


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