3 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Quickly

While mostentrepreneursdream of starting a business online, settling on one idea can be challenging. The best thing about today’s digital age is that the market online has hugelytransformed, offering you a great avenue for start-ups. You simply need to find one that matches your interests and skills and get started. Worry no more! Here are the top three online business ideas you can act upon.

1. Remote Tech Support

In the start-upphase, most businesses do not have room in their budgets to hire full-time experts. They resort to hiringpart-time services or contractors for the different disciplines. One of the most important ones is remote tech support. If you are computer-literate and tech-savvy and have experience working on computers, you can enlist your services as remote tech support.

While some businesses may require a technicaldegree, most focus on your knowledge and experience in the field. You can start by offering remote tech support to your friends or local business owners to boost your portfolio. Once you have some experience in the industry, you can apply for remote tech support gigs on jobboards such as Upwork.

2. Web Design and Development

If you have always had an eye for a comfortable and great website layout, web design may be a perfect option. If this is what you want but lack experience, you can always take up a course in the basics of web design and mastertools such as the IONOS eCommerce website builder. This option helps you sell and market your craft for as low as $1 monthly.

For those interested in the coding side, options such as web development are perfect. Depending on your interest, you can perfect your skills in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. With these, you can easily launch a service and build easy-to-use websites for small businesses. The mostimpressive thing is that beginnercourses are available online to help you advance your technical and creativeskills.

3. Digital Handmade Craft Shop

Handmadegoods have always had a place in the online market. We have seen how well shops such as Etsy enableartisans to sell their wares online easily. The only issue is that you have to pay a particularpercentage, and sometimes this can be expensive.

To start a digital craft shop, you need to have a steadysupply of handmadeproducts such as crochetedblankets, handwovenscarves, or even paintedglassware. With this, you can sell them on your online craft shop while doing what you love.

For this business, the costs are significantly low if you get your materials from a bulk supplier. If you can quickly create and sell your artwork, you can profit online.


The growth of online businesses has exponentiallygrown over the years. Predictions further show that the stats may get even higher as more people seekopportunities to work remotely. As an online business owner, you must leverage your skills and strengths when selecting a profitable business or niche. The trick is to offer quality services, goods, and customer support. While you may struggle for the first three or four months to establish your presence online, the results are alwaysworth it!


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