6 Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore to Explore

Singapore, which is famous for being tourist-friendly, offers a variety of accommodation options, from capsule hotels to 5-star hotels. Usually, foreign tourists will book a hotel near the Botanic Garden because of its easily accessible location, near the shopping center on Orchard Road.

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Singapore is also friendly with Muslim travelers. Usually, being a Muslim traveler, sometimes the challenge is to find a halal restaurant in the country, especially if the country where the majority of the population is not Muslim, like Singapore. However, you don’t need to be confused if you are on vacation in Singapore, because there are still many halal restaurants that you can find.

Although there are not many halal restaurant options in Singapore, we have compiled some of the best halal restaurant recommendations in Singapore that you can visit while on vacation in Singapore. Let’s check it out!

1.   Beng Who Cooks

If you are looking for healthy food, you can visit Beng Who Cook which is located near the Chinatown MRT station, about 550 meters. You can find halal protein bowl food, but the price is still affordable.

This restaurant brings the concept of doing it yourself, where diners can combine the protein and vegetables they want. For the price, it starts from 6 Singapore dollars per serving.

2.   Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro

While other halal restaurants offer Malay or Middle Eastern specialities, Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro is a halal restaurant with Swedish food. The location is not far from the Bugis MRT station, about 550 meters.

As the name suggests, Fika in Swedish means the habit of the Swedes who like to drink coffee. So, at this restaurant, you can relax while drinking coffee and ordering sweet Swedish-style snacks, such as Kladdakaka, Swedish Pancake, or Apple Crumble Pie.

3.   Picanhas

Picanhas serves Brazilian cuisine and of course halal. The favorite menu at this restaurant is The Queen of Steak, which is grilled sirloin. This food has a soft texture with a delicious smell.

If you want to eat rice, you can order Picanhas’ Don, which is telang flower rice and sirloin combined with caramelized onions, pickled cabbage, and half-boiled eggs. Picanhas also offers halal mocktails without alcohol.

4.   The Ramen Stall

The next restaurant recommendation is The Ramen Stall which serves a variety of Japanese halal foods, such as sushi, bento, sashimi, ramen, and healthy rice food. Of course, The Ramen Stall’s favorite menu is ramen. The ramen soup at this restaurant is cooked for more than 30 hours, so the taste of this food is very delicious.

5.   Pita Bakery

Visit Pita Bakery if you want to eat Indian food and order a pita sandwich, a favorite menu item at this restaurant. Pita sandwich is a sandwich filled with falafel (made from beans) served with vegetables and hummus.

Pita Bakery still uses family recipes that have been handed down for more than 10 years. The ingredients used to make food in this restaurant are of very good quality, so it’s no wonder the taste of the food is very delicious and the restaurant is always crowded with visitors.

6.   Bazaar Ramadhan at Geylang

Vacation in Singapore during Ramadan is a must to visit Ramadan Bazaar in Geylang. This bazaar is only available in the month of Ramadan. You can find many halal food vendors, from snacks to main courses. For example, lobster rolls, toast, waffles, and hot dogs.

Actually, finding a halal restaurant in Singapore is not difficult, a halal restaurant in this country will be equipped with the Halal Certified Establishments logo. Therefore, there is no need to worry about food if you are on vacation in Singapore.

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