7 Alternative Music Genres You Have To Listen To

Are you looking to broaden your musical horizons? Do you want to find something new and exciting that speaks to you? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for you to explore some of the many alternative music genres that are out there.

Alternative music refers to popular or genre-specific music which doesn’t fit into the traditional genres. There is an expansive range of alternative music; from metalcore, math rock, electronica and post-rock, to noise pop, shoegaze and folktronica for playing leroi johnny casino en ligne games . Each genre offers its unique perspective of soundscapes and emotions.

If you’re ready to break away from mainstream records and challenge yourself with some fresh tunes, here’s a list of seven varied alternative music genres which all have something different to offer –and that you have to listen to!

Math Rock 

Math rock is a genre which combines elements of punk, jazz and progressive rock. It typically consists of complex rhythms, intricate guitar riffs and often unpredictable song structures.


Post-rock has its roots in the post-punk era and is characterized by its expansive soundscapes, dreamy ambience, sparsely used vocals and ambient textures. It’s often instrumental with a strong emphasis on moods and emotions rather than traditional song structures.

Noise Pop 

Noise Pop is a fusion of alternative rock and indie pop, with a focus on loud distorted guitars and catchy melodies. The genre was popularized in the mid-1990s by bands such as Pavement, My Bloody Valentine and Guided by Voices.


Metalcore is a genre which combines elements of metal and hardcore punk. It typically features aggressive riffs, double-kick drumming and shouted vocals.


Shoegaze is an alternative rock genre characterized by its hazy, distorted soundscapes, lush guitar effects and dreamy atmospheres. It was popularized in the late 1980s and early 1990s by bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive.


Electronica is a genre of electronic music which incorporates elements of techno, house and ambient music. It typically features synthesizers, drum machines and heavily processed vocals.


Folktronica is a genre which combines elements of folk music and electronica. It typically features acoustic instruments, such as guitars, drums and strings, combined with electronic elements such as synthesizers and drum machines.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your taste in music or online casino real money games is, there’s something for everyone. Why not give a few of these a try? Who knows –you might just find your new favourite sound!


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