Broken Bone Birth Injuries in Newborns 101

When expectant mothers go to a hospital to deliver a baby, it is a joyous day for them. The kind of care you get in a hospital shouldn’t be a source of stress. Unfortunately, there are situations when mothers, as well as their babies, are victims of negligence during delivery. This negligence is what results in birth injuries.

What a Birth Injury Is

A birth injury, often referred to as birth trauma, describes any kind of physical injury to newborn babies shortly after, during, or before delivery. Most newborn babies suffer from minor injuries during the process of delivery.

Mostly, these injuries heal on their own without any treatment. And in other cases, proper and prompt treatment may help you to handle broken bone birth injuries. Unfortunately, some serious birth injuries don’t have a cure, and your baby might have disabilities.

If your baby has sustained injuries during delivery, looking for good broken bone birth injuries attorney will help you throughout the traumatic time. Plus, the attorney you choose will ensure you get compensation to help your baby recover.

How Birth Injuries Occur

Bone birth injuries are very common, considering the journey of a baby is long through a narrow birth canal. Aspects, which may cause common bone birth injuries to happen include the position of a baby at birth, the mother’s underlying medical issues, and the baby’s weight.

These aspects might result in birth trauma, which increases the risks of common bone birth injuries. Birth trauma may also occur when a baby is large or awkwardly positioned. At times, a baby’s shoulders get stuck in the birth canal. These situations usually result in difficult deliveries, which require using or manipulating medical instruments.


Birth injuries occur because of the baby’s position or size during delivery and labor. Conditions linked to difficult birth are dystocia, prematurity, large babies, cephalopelvic disproportion, maternal obesity, and prolonged labor.


Bone birth injuries, at times, result from a natural birthing practice. But in most cases, they are often caused by a medical mistake during labor. The most common forms of newborn bone birth injuries may include the following:

  • Brain injury: In rare cases, your baby can suffer brain injuries during childbirth. If the baby doesn’t get sufficient oxygen during labor, it may experience damage to its brain.
  • Fractures: Broken bones or fractures may happen when your newborn baby has difficulty coming through the birth canal. The collarbone is the most common bone that breaks during birth.


Because there are different kinds of bone birth injuries, various forms of treatments can help you manage the conditions of your baby. Every baby’s injury is created uniquely. So they have customized treatment plans for managing specific symptoms. In general, treatments may include therapy, surgery, and medications.

The Bottom Line

A bone birth injury is a common problem for newborn babies. Injuries occur during birthing since babies are being delivered through the narrow birth canal. Newborn babies with advanced gestational age and large weight are more susceptible to injuries.

If your baby sustains injuries during birth, ensure you look for a good attorney. Your attorney will ensure you get compensated to cover for the injuries.


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