Can You Do a Virtual Visit for Tooth Pain?

You can virtually visit for tooth infection and tooth pain by leveraging teledentistry services. Virtual dental care has become a popular proprietary model that allows individuals to connect and consult a dentist virtually through a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. 

You can leverage this model and get your dental problem diagnosed right away. You may even get an e-script for pain medication. If follow-on care is required, experienced virtual dentists like Teledentistry may provide references to dentists nearby your location for immediate attention.

When to see a virtual dentist for your toothache? 

Teeth pain is likely because of some infection, tooth decay, or hidden condition. If the tooth nerve pain lasts over 1- 2 days and doesn’t go away with general relief measures, it’s time to consult a professional immediately. Teledentistry platforms have expert and experienced dentists who diagnose the condition via video conferencing and through pictures sent by the patients. 

You should consult an expert dentist if you have any of the following conditions.

  • Infected gums
  • A fractured tooth
  • Consistently grinding your teeth 
  • Mouth trauma 
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Damaged teeth filling

Irrespective of the reason, tooth pain can make talking, chewing, and even small things like opening your mouth difficult. There is no point in enduring this pain. An online appointment with an emergency dentist will help you get rid of the toothache while you book a walk-in consultation with a dentist. Please remember that you will still need to see your dentist for definitive treatment like tooth extraction, root canal, or filling up cavities.

How is toothache treated in a virtual consultation?

The services provided by dental professionals vary from one teledentistry business to another. However, some common steps are followed at every teledentistry platform to diagnose and treat toothache. You can expect the following procedure on your virtual visit – 

  1. Diagnosis of the problem

Some of them need pictures of the affected area, while others may provide a solution by diagnosing the condition through video conferencing. 

The dental expert asked several questions during the virtual dental diagnosis session, like an in-person consultation. For example – they would like to learn whether the pain has been persistent or occurs occasionally, do they experience problems or pain while brushing, etc. Besides, they also check on the oral care routine of the individual. 

The teledentistry professionals diagnose the issue of tooth pain successfully without an in-person visit. In most cases, like dental injury (such as fractured or chipped teeth), mysterious pain or soft tissue lesions too can be diagnosed virtually. Once the professional collects all the necessary info and diagnoses the problem successfully, they move on to the next procedure of customizing the treatment process. 

  1. Designing the treatment process 

Some conditions of toothache are treatable with at-home treatments. But it is always best to get advice from a dentist on the treatment process. For example – you may need to sterilize your mouth with salt water. Also, you may need a temporary solution for covering the teeth with a lost filling or crown. Whatever process you follow, ensure it’s done as directed by the dentist. 

  1. Provide advice for alleviating the tooth pain

Mild dental pains are generally treatable with over-the-counter medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Sometimes, even cold food or cold compresses come to the rescue. At times toothache occurs because of improper fitting of orthodontic wires or appliances, which can be treated through medication and dental wax. 

  1. Instruct the next procedures of the treatment

After providing the initial treatment, the dentist determines whether or not you need in-person instantly. There is no need to visit the dentist near you in person unless advised by your teledentistry expert. Follow the recommendations suggested by the dentist.

Advantages of signing up for virtual services for tooth pain 

Here’s why you need a virtual dentistry appointment for toothache.

Quick solution for tooth pain 

If an individual experiences tooth pain or needs antibiotics on the weekend or at midnight, they may not find any professional at such odd hours. Virtual platforms have an emergency department that provides instant solutions to the problem. The patient needs not to wait or travel long distances for the treatment. 

In-depth assessment of the condition 

Patients can share a video or a photo of their condition via email with the dentist for proper diagnosis and evaluation. They can make further assessments using their dental records. In addition, the records are used on the next virtual visit of the patient.

Effective and safe method of oral care 

Most virtual platforms like Teledentistry consider insurance coverage. It means patients can get expert solutions for their dental problems without paying extra. They offer effective and safe solutions leveraging innovative technology. Moreover, they use modern methods for delivering oral care to patients ensuring top-notch results in their treatments.

Monitoring by experienced practitioners

Online consultations are a cost-effective alternative for patients looking for regular monitoring of their dental treatment. Virtual visits are unsuitable for getting the right solutions for your toothache, but you can consult the experts to evaluate and reevaluate the recovery progress. 

High-end teledentistry platforms employ experienced and qualified practitioners with extensive experience working in the industry. They have experience in treating different kinds of dental issues. Therefore, you can count on them for an efficient and effective diagnosis of your tooth infection.

Quick response times

The best thing about teledentistry services is that you don’t have to face the hassle of dealing with long hours of waiting or costly appointments to consult a dental expert. You can sign up for the virtual visit at any time of the day whenever you need help with a tooth infection or toothache. You won’t have to leave your home to get the solution. Moreover, the doctors will give you an online prescription and send it straight to your pharmacy. 


Toothache is generally ignored by individuals thinking it isn’t a serious issue. But even a small condition like tooth pain, which may seem insignificant now, may lead to serious problems if ignored for a long time. Hence, it is advised to consult an expert whenever you experience pain in your tooth. And virtual visits are a perfect way to get instant solutions to your problems. 


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