Dream of Stanford? Top Tips to Help You Get In

Stanford is a top choice for many. Getting in, however, is another matter entirely. You’ll need to be the best of the best to get in, but once you are, you’ll have a host of resources that can help you enjoy a truly incredible education and university experience. 

Why Choose Stanford? 

In addition to being one of the most selective Ivy League institutions, Stanford is also unique in how flexible its education platform is. You can truly craft your degree in the way you want. It’s also unique in the sense that it’s ranked highly for both the liberal arts and sciences, making it a top choice for most students.

How to Get In 

To get in, you’ll need to be the best of the best. This means going above and beyond and using these tips to do it: 

  • Start By Calculating Your Chances

Sites like campusreel.org have an online calculator that takes in information like your GPA and SAT scores and estimates your chances of getting in. It also helps you understand what the true average is for incoming students, which may vary drastically from the admission requirement. At the moment, for example, Stanford students came in on average with a 3.95 GPA and an SAT score of 1480. If you want to increase your chances of getting in, you’ll need to, at minimum, meet these scores. If you want to give yourself a fighting chance, you’ll want to exceed them. 

  • Improve Your Grades 

Top universities typically require all-around excellence. If there’s a subject that you’re struggling with, and it’s not one you need to take or are even interested in taking, you’re actually better off dropping it if you can. As for the grades you need, if you struggle, look outside the box. There are so many online resources that can help you understand complex subjects through a variety of broken-down explanations and even interactive teaching. Finding these online can be a challenge, but ultimately worthwhile. 

  • Volunteer and Intern 

Volunteering and interning are great ways to showcase your values and dedication in a real-world setting. It’s also a great way to establish an important network, get great references, and build work experience long before your first job. Sometimes you may find you’ve volunteered or interned without actively planning on it. If you’re active in your community and help out regularly, for example, then you’ve volunteered often and can use that on your university application. 

  • Showcase Your Interests and Passions 

Universities want to know what sets you apart. Your passions and interests will greatly impact what program you choose. It is one thing, however, to say you’re passionate about photography and another to be so committed you’ve either organized a gallery showing or gotten your work published. Always try to get as much visibility and achievement for your efforts as possible. 

  • Relate Everything to the University 

When creating your application, remember the main goal is to explain why the university, program, and on-campus opportunities will help you specifically with your goals. Draw from the aforementioned examples as proof of your commitment. This is how you stand out on your university admissions essay. 


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