Factors to Consider When Hosting an Engagement Party

As the proposal is out of the way, it is time to start planning the engagement party. There couldn’t be a better way to kick off the wedding festivities as a couple than by celebrating this milestone with your family and friends. While you wouldn’t want it to steal the spotlight from the actual wedding, throwing an engagement party could give you the experience of hosting the wedding better. Also, it becomes a great time for the bride to show off the ring. But this may seem like an arduous task to someone who’s never tried hosting an event of this scale up until now, be it fixing the budget or picking the engagement cards. Hence this post shall walk you through some key aspects of hosting an engagement party.

Deciding Who Shall Host

While it has traditionally been the bride’s family who hosts such events, it’s 2022, so anyone could take the initiative to host the event. There’s no right or wrong here, so anyone close to the couple, or the couple themselves, could host the event.

Setting the Budget

If you decide to host, be cautious about not shelling out a big chunk of the budget for the wedding on this event. If someone else chooses to host the event, respect their generosity and discuss the numbers to help them avoid overspending.

Fixing the Date

Regardless of who chooses to host the event, factoring in the availability of all the guests becomes essential. While there is no right or wrong way to go about this, speaking to the guests you choose to invite and finalising a date that’s convenient for everyone would be the best way of going about this.

Choosing the Venue

This is one of the most important aspects of your event. Choosing a home or a restaurant to host the party would be a great choice, but you wouldn’t have to limit yourself to them. Regardless of where you’d like to host the event, check the venue’s availability for the date you’ve decided on and book well in advance. Once you’ve picked a venue, please choose how you’d like to decorate it using good ideas.

Putting the Guest List Together

There are no rules to whom you choose to invite, whether it’s your family, friends or coworkers. But there is an etiquette rule to how many people you must invite. Since the engagement party is a much smaller event than the actual wedding, be sure to invite only those you’d like to invite to the wedding. Hence, it isn’t a good idea to invite 100 people for your engagement party if you’d only like to have an intimate wedding with 50 people.

Sending Out Invites

For the convenience of your guests, let them know the dates as soon as possible. Your invite must match the formality of the event. You could send out the invites in many ways, but sending out engagement cards is a classy way of putting forth the invite. The complete detail must be covered in the card and the design and print should match the glory of the event.

Deciding the Menu

Food is another crucial element to any party. While burning a hole in your pocket by serving a five-course meal wouldn’t be practical, you must have something for the guests to sip and much during the party. Passed appetisers, eat-when-you-want cookouts, or tasting menu stations work just fine. If serving a full-course meal isn’t feasible for you, make sure to plan the event between two meals.

Final Thoughts

The planning of an engagement party can be manageable. If you like hosting parties, make sure to take the initiative and host a cracker of an event. If not, you could have someone else take charge of the host duties, be it picking the items on the menu or designing the engagement cards for this event.


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