How To Build a Home Office

With the popularity of remote work today having a home office is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury that it once was. Even though every day now is casual Friday for remote workers, for the most part, there are still certain parameters that we are not getting away from, and one of them is office furniture. 

The coffee table worked in a pinch when it was a temporary situation,  but now that full-time remote work is a reality, having furniture that is designed for the office is becoming more of a necessity. Besides, if your accounts are safely tucked away in a two-drawer lateral file cabinet versus the end table, your toddler will not be as likely to use them for coloring sheets. 

The Desk

Having the appropriate desk for your work is vital like a 2 drawer locking file cabinet. You need something that is suitable for holding your equipment such as a computer monitor and still have the space to utilize the desktop itself for reading files or signing paperwork. Pick out a desk that is a good height for you so that you will be comfortable for long periods of time without straining. Having a few drawers to contain supplies such as pens, paperclips, and other necessities is optimal. Often matching pieces to your desk can be found such as hutches or a two-drawer lateral file cabinet for storage.

Desk Chair

Take your time picking out the perfect chair. You will likely spend long hours sitting in the chair so it should be fully adjustable for height in both the seat and arms. Chair arms that raise are a practical option because you can slide the chair under the desk when not in use to save space. The chair should have a stable rolling base that includes tilt and lock functions.  

Good Lighting

A well-lit work area will help to combat eye strain. Pick out a lamp for your desk that is fully adjustable so that you can tilt it in the direction you need without it shining into your eyes. Swing arm lamps are great as you can position them out of the way on the edge of your desk and swing the bulb exactly where you need light.

Proper Storage

When picking out storage for your important business contracts and files consider the type of layout you need. Vertical file cabinets are a good option for using vertical space in tight places. If you have the room, a two-drawer lateral file cabinet is a good option for your home office. Typically two, drawer lateral cabinets are a lower profile that you can slide over in your chair to easily access files. 

Seamless Style

Uncomfortable office furniture is a thing of the past when you create your own home office. Having furniture that is suited to your needs will increase your comfort as well as your productivity. Even just a few essential pieces can really make a difference in your work/life balance. For blending tasteful office furniture in your home setting, consider buying a matching set if your office will be in view of guests in your home. 


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