Intraday trading – Best intraday trading tips, strategies and basic rules

Intraday trading, often known as day trading, is about purchasing and selling shares on the same day to book profits.

If you want to take advantage of the day’s price fluctuations and close out your position before the market closes, you should use an intraday order to buy or sell shares. The purpose of intraday with the assistance of intraday tips for today is to gain quick short-term profits.


You should know by now that closing open positions in intraday trading requires buying and selling the same number of shares on the same day before the market closesThe stock exchange is the only entity that can fulfill these orders, and they can only be performed if there is adequate liquidity in the market.

As the first piece of free intraday advice for today, you should steer clear of mid-cap and tiny companies that have a chance of not having sufficient liquidity. It is possible that your order for squaring off will not be carried out; in this case, you will be required to accept delivery. Before you decide to trade in a specific company, you need to analyze a number of different aspects, but the quality that is most important is liquidity.


The buyer’s fallacy is a common mental error that occurs frequently in the world of trading and investing. They allow themselves to be misled by erroneous ideas. When this occurs, the buyer will almost immediately begin to have second thoughts and will begin to question their play. After taking a position in the stock, the investor has a moment of clarity and realizes that the stock pick was not nearly as good as they had initially believed it to be.

If you follow the second free intraday trading tip and decide the entry and exit price before entering a position, you will greatly reduce the likelihood of making blunders these. This guarantees that you have an objective view.

You need to be able to think rationally about entering and leaving a situation.

  • Always determine where you’re willing to accept a loss –

Think of yourself as a trader who deals in the intraday market. The current price of XYZ Ltd. shares on the market, which is 550 rupees, indicates that there is room for an additional appreciation in value. You have made the decision to purchase 100 shares of XYZ Ltd. for the sum of Rs. 55,000.

On the other hand, rather than continuing to rise, the price of each share drops to Rs. 500. Within a few short hours, there was a loss of 5,000 Indian rupees (Rs. 500 x 100 shares).

When you purchase shares, you expose yourself to the possibility of either an increase or a decrease in the value of those shares. If you want to buy and hold a long position in a stock, the day you decide to do so will be the day the share price goes down instead of up.


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