Tech 101: Is AWS Free Tier Worth It?

People always love to grab every opportunity, especially when it comes for free. We love to enjoy every inch of it, and sometimes it either lasts or mostly not. Just like AWS Free Tier, they lure people because they may come off to people as a no-cost service, which they are, but there are some limits on it that you should know. People gravitate towards virtual storage to keep their workloads, data, and files. Entrusting it to a cloud provider like AWS Tier is one of the ways that you could, but it is not the only cloud provider in the market. 

As a responsible user, you owe it to yourself not to limit your options, and you are obliged to try different resources to learn and to have experienced. Cloud providers may be complex to some, so research is necessary, and you must complete all of them. It would help if you did not overlook some factors, as there are many to consider. So, if you have plans to commit to a cloud provider like AWS Free Tier, you must outweigh its advantages and disadvantages. It might take a lot of narrowing down your choices, but you should at least comprehend the basics of a particular topic before jumping to a conclusion. That way, it could save you money, and you could dodge some complications and headaches. 

So, here are some points to comprehend about AWS Free Tier. Make sure to list some of the essential things. Lastly, share this with your families and friends for future reference. 

Things That You Should Know About AWS Free Tier

  1. A Known Cloud Provider

AWS Tiers is a very known and very diversified cloud provider. Using an available cloud provider makes it easier for you to find someone to relate to, which is very reassuring.

  1. Has Many Products And Services

AWS Tiers has various products and services, which is very beneficial to those looking for multiple IT solutions. That way, you will no longer need to hop to another cloud provider to have other services. Having a cloud provider that has lots of benefits to offer is much better, and it is manageable.

  1. Free But With Limits

AWS Free Tiers could always be free as long as you conform to their limits, but some of their services are free until it lasts a specific period. So, if you expect that AWS Tiers will constantly be free, eventually, it will be different. Before you commit to a cloud provider, consider your workload capacity. The AWS Free Tier may come off as a short-term solution.

  1. Open To Everybody

Indeed, AWS Tiers will always be open to everybody, students, professionals, and even big companies. However, some existing complaints are that it needs to be simplified. If you are the type of individual who wants to save time figuring out a cloud provider, it is best to do some trials first. That way, you will be able to evaluate the ease of use, which could save you a lot of time. Some other cloud providers are very manageable and very light to use.

  1. Mediocre On Billing Alerts

Some concerns are lingering about billing alerts. AWS Free Tier’s billing alerts are slower than you think; they usually send signals after the user has exceeded the limit. This matter is alarming, as you could receive unexpected billing. 

In Conclusion, Is AWS Free Tier Worth It?

The answer will always be up to your standards. If you want to avoid entrusting your workloads and data to a complicated cloud provider, it is better to avoid committing to it. It is best to have a provider that does not limit you and has more clarity for the users to understand. So, do not fret if this option is starting to come last on your list, as still, there are many cloud providers for you to try.


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