Top 6 Romantic Getaways Near Washington DC

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Spending more time as a couple is extremely valuable for a quality relationship, and the location plays a big role here. Romantic places entice intimacy, and they are a perfect way to take a step back from hectic daily schedules and a busy lifestyle. Luckily, the Washington DC area has plenty of great places where couples can enjoy their time together. Whether you’ve just moved to the capital and want to explore the area with your partner, or it’s time to surprise your significant other with a special trip – we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 6 romantic getaways near Washington DC you need to visit and spend the best time with your special someone. 

Is Washington DC a good home for couples? 

Even though this is not the first thing you think of, Washington DC is actually a perfect place to start and raise a family. For that reason, it’s often chosen by couples as a new home for a fresh start. Washington is safe, offers plenty of job opportunities and relatively affordable housing. 

When it comes to finding a home in Washington DC, it’s best to contact a local real estate agent who has more experience in the local market. Share your expectations and priorities with them so they can find you a dream home a lot faster. 

Planning a move can get tricky, though. If you’re not careful, you can easily fall into the trap of a hectic, unsafe relocation, so be sure to start the preparations time. Declutter and pack your home with care, and always trust certified experts in case you need assistance with moving to the Washington DC area. 

Reconnect and fall in love one more time. 

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  1. Salamander Resort and Spa 

Located in Middleburg right outside Washington, this luxury resort is a perfect choice for couples who love nature, wine and seclusion. It spreads over 340 acres surrounded with picturesque nature and offers amazing outdoor activities to its visitors. The resort includes an upscale spa, fine dining in beautiful surroundings and couples can enjoy plenty of activities – visiting the pool, ziplining together, riding horses and playing sports. It’s a unique experience that’s easy to reach from the city so be sure to check it out. 

  1. The Lodge at Woodloch

Even though it takes a bit to get there, it’s totally worth it. Located about 200 miles away from the city, this hotel is truly a sanctuary for couples who like privacy and relaxation. The hotel is surrounded by the Pocono Mountains an includes a beautiful spa and cozy, private rooms. Couples can go for a special romance package and enjoy a special spa day, try out local sweets and wines and truly unwind. 

  1. The Omni Homestead Resort 

If you’re a couple that enjoys a bit of golf surrounded by amazing nature, you should visit the Omni Homestead Resort. This amazing place is located Virginia, in the Allegheny Mountains and includes beautiful golf courses and hot spring known to have healing properties. Couples can also relax at a spa that offers a variety of services and special treatments such as crystal steam room. It’s a great place to spend a long weekend at with your loved one and get away from daily stress and work for a bit.

A weekend to remember – surprise your loved one with a romantic getaway from the city. 

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  1. Primland Resort, Auberge Resorts Collection 

If you go south from Washington towards Charlotte, you’ll find a cute place surrounded by nature in Meadows of Dan, VA. This remote property will help you have the dreamiest romantic getaway as it offers cozy rooms with beautiful nature views, indoor pool, gym and other amenities. The best thing about this place is the observatory, where you can snuggle up together and watch the stars at nightfall. It’s surely worth it to go to a secluded place like this and be able to focus on each other the best way possible. 

  1. The Greenbrier Resort

There’s a good reason why so many presidents and famous people stayed here for years. This 5-star resort is a magnificent place that mixes history, luxury and comfort. It’s set on 11,000 acres of wooded grounds and it dates back to the 1700s. It includes several restaurants, golf courses and a spa, and it’s truly a unique place to take your special someone. It’s a 4-hour drive away from Washington DC, so this can be a a romantic trip you’ll never forget. You can also take a one-hour flight from Washington to the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport and have more time to explore the location and relax. 

  1. Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina 

If you’re up for a bit of luxury right outside Washington, then this 5-star resort is the only answer you need. Located on Chesapeake Bay in Cambridge, Maryland, this hotel offers a truly luxurious and romantic experience for couples who like privacy and relaxing activities. Fully equipped rooms with a great view, five restaurants, a spa, marina, a golf course and both indoor and outdoor pools will make your stay special. Moving experts at Zippy Shell DMV remind you that booking a romantic getaway is a perfect way to unwind after moving to the city, as relocations can get overwhelming. It’s like a reward for planning the whole thing in detail and making it to your new home in Washington DC. 

How can couples benefit from romantic getaways? 

No matter how long you’re together, a bit of romance can never hurt. Getting away from the daily rut can be quite refreshing for your relationship, but it can also improve intimacy and communication between partners. Stepping away from a hectic daily life, work and responsibilities help couples relax and be able to truly enjoy each other’s company. Couples should take short, romantic vacations from time to time to feel better about the relationship, have a chance to talk about certain matters or simply make some new memories to refresh their daily routine. By doing so, you can expect better communication, but also reduce stress and increase work performance after coming home from a romantic trip. With so many benefits on the list, the only thing we should do is to check out what are the top romantic getaways near Washington DC you can visit with your significant other. 

Final words 

Is there a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion coming up? Choose one of these romantic getaways near Washington DC and surprise your special someone in the best way possible – a couple of days for just the two of you.

Meta: Relax and reconnect with your loved one by visiting one of the most romantic getaways near Washington DC. 


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