What to Do Following a Car Accident in Gainesville

If you got involved in a fatal car accident in Gainesville, you might not be sure of what you should do next. Once the shock starts to wear off, car accident victims will be burdened by the expenses of nursing their injuries in addition to paying for property damage.

Like most victims, you might not know what to do following a car accident. This is why experts recommend following these steps to help you do the right thing:

  1. Contact the Police

Whether the accident is regarded as a major collision or a minor fender-bender, contacting the police will be best, and in Gainesville, it is required legally. The responding police officer will help you to fill out a report and even document the accident scene.

If the responding officer doesn’t come to the accident scene, go to the nearby station and fill out the report yourself. When filing a claim with an insurer, the accident report can help with the process.

  1. Take Legal Steps

 Depending on the magnitude of Gainesville car accident injuries and the facts of the case, you may choose to take legal action. Always keep in mind that there is a limit in Gainesville within which you should bring a lawsuit. This is referred to as statutes of limitation and varies from one state to another. In Gainesville, you have four years to present your car accident case.

Depending on the compensation amount you want, your case might be in the County Court or Circuit Court. Your car accident case will be based depending on your claim that the negligent driver acted carelessly.

  1. Seek Medical Help

Following a car accident, seeking medical help must be your priority. Even when you feel like you aren’t injured seriously, it would be best to be checked out by an expert. This will help to ensure potential injuries are treated effectively.

During treatment, ensure you explain how you feel after and before the car accident so that the doctor may diagnose issues accurately. If possible, record medical treatments and visits for reference in the future. Remember also to regularly follow up with your doctor since some symptoms might take a lot of time to manifest.

  1. Exchange Information and Take Photos

Although the police report will provide official documentation of the car accident, make sure you always take pictures of the damages to your car and that of other involved vehicles.

Capture images from different angles to show where the impact occurred. These images will help your attorney know who was at fault during the accident.

  1. Contact Your Insurer

Although you might be tempted to negotiate a car accident deal so as to avoid making a claim, not informing your insurer following an accident may leave you negligible for damages resulting from the collision. As you file an insurance claim, ensure you have a qualified car accident lawyer by your side to guide you.

The Takeaway

Probably, the most vital thing you may do after a car accident is to hire a qualified and experienced Gainesville car accident attorney. Only an experienced legal expert will fully explain your legal options and rights to ensure you take the right steps.


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