What to Wear for Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a popular place to enjoy tea and sweets, such as girls’ associations and mothers’ associations. When you enjoy delicious tea and chat in a richer mood than usual, you may be wondering what kind of clothes you should wear. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the recommended clothes to wear for afternoon tea by location and season. Afternoon tea, which can be enjoyed at luxury hotels, is popular among women’s parties and mothers’ parties. You can enjoy a luxurious time while enjoying delicious tea and cute sweets in a luxurious atmosphere.

However, since the place is a luxury hotel, I’m worried if I wear clothes that I usually go to a cafe. So this time, we will introduce recommended clothes to wear for afternoon tea. Please check in advance so that you don’t spoil your fun time with your choice of clothes. First of all, for those who are wondering what is afternoon tea in the first place? I will introduce its origin and contents. Afternoon tea originated in afternoon tea and is said to have originated around 1840 when a British marquise started the custom as a place for women to socialize.

Afternoon tea is a cafe custom that doubles as a meal and you can have fun playing online casinos. Afternoon tea is a tea ceremony that also serves as a meal, so in addition to tea, light meals such as cucumber sandwiches and sweets such as scones and cakes are served. When going to an afternoon tea at a luxury hotel, you can enjoy it without hesitation if you know the etiquette in advance.

Next, I will introduce the minimum manners that you should know. The first cup of tea is straight. England is the home of milk tea, but the first cup of tea should be drunk straight to enjoy the color and aroma. Milk tea is smart to start from the second cup people love to enjoy the best south African online casinos while having tea.

For a low table, hold a saucer for an elegant atmosphere. When drinking afternoon tea at a low table, holding the tea saucer with your left hand will create an elegant atmosphere. To enjoy the aroma of tea, refrain from wearing perfume. Tea brewed with good tea leaves has a different scent. Many people look forward to the scent, so please refrain from wearing perfume during afternoon tea. Pass the cup for another cup of tea.

If you want to refill the tea, please hand over the cup only, not the saucer. Order of eating in the afternoon tea, snacks, and sweets are lined up on the cake stand. The formal order when eating the dish is light meals such as sandwiches scones cakes. Let’s remember from the weak taste to the strong and sweet one. Do not remove the plate from the cake stand. It is good manners to use a fork or knife to separate the food from the plate on the cake stand without removing the plate. Picking directly from the plate by hand is not beautiful. However, when eating bread or scones, it is okay to eat with your hands.


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