Why Hire the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Motorcyclists across Maryland enjoy the thrill of open roads and the freedom coming with it. However, this excitement of motorcycle riding comes with a set of risks – accidents.

Motorcycle accidents may lead to devastating consequences and serious injuries. If you got involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, knowing your rights and getting property guidance from the best motorcycle accident lawyer Maryland is important for the following reasons:

  1. File Insurance Claim

If you haven’t filed an insurance claim, the insurance adjuster can deny it. There are certain details you should provide the insurer. You also need to ensure your insurance claim is filed right on time.

The bad news is that, if you are like many victims of motorcycle accidents, you have sustained serious injuries. In this condition, you can’t fight the insurer, making hiring an attorney important.

Your attorney will not just ensure you file an insurance claim on time. They will also ensure the adjuster receives everything linked to your insurance claim.

  1. Gather Evidence

The best motorcycle accident attorney will gather evidence for your case while letting you concentrate on your recovery. They will also organize as well as present evidence gathered to the at-fault party and their insurance company. This evidence may include documents related to the accident, such as:

  • Medical records
  • Witness statements
  • Injury pictures
  • Accident report
  • Accident scene pictures
  • Income records
  1. Prove Liability

Proving fault in motorcycle accident cases is complicated sometimes. However, because of the size of standard passenger vehicles against motorcycles, the other party may try to mitigate the blame in any way they could. Be it that the rider didn’t wear a helmet or wasn’t in a clear line of view, you will be up for a battle of she-said-he-said with insurers.

Even when you file a case, establishing fault early can mean a difference between less favorable outcomes and successful motorcycle accident lawsuits.

Moreover, some motorcycle accidents don’t result from negligent drivers. Instead, they result from other third parties. In this case, your attorney will investigate to prove liability for the injuries and the resulting losses.

  1. Negotiate Settlement

Insurance adjusters are often experienced when it comes to negotiating settlements. They are well-trained to negotiate the best interest of their insurance company. Plus, some insurers, including motorcyclists, can have an unfair bias towards anyone filing a claim, as they are regarded as reckless drivers who drive fast.

These kinds of opinions or judgments make it more challenging to get compensation. For this reason, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for your rights will come in handy, ensuring you are treated fairly.

  1. Calculate Losses

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, you might not understand what you really lost. Although you may add up your medical expenses, these don’t account for the lost time, future medical costs, and emotional/physical stress.

One thing professional motorcycle accident lawyers are good at is calculating losses accurately. All cases are different, but the most common expenses your attorney will calculate are:

  • Pain & suffering
  • Lost income
  • Medical bills

Final Touches

Cases related to motorcycle accidents in Maryland are often complicated and lengthy. Don’t allow yourself and your family to suffer in the aftermath of the accident. Talk to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your legal options.


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