5 Suggestions to Keep in Mind When Renovating Your Bathroom

According to a study by Roy Morgan Research, 8.4 million(appx.) out of the 13.6 million homeowners residing in Australia. They renovated their properties in some capacity or another in 2016. While minor alterations or repairs were the most common renovation among homeowners, the painting was next on the list. Besides these renovations, redecorations or refurbishments also significantly contributed to these numbers. The bathroom is one aspect of the house that regularly features in most home renovations regarding redecoration and refurbishment in Sydney and Australia. There is no end to the changes in trends when it comes to bathroom decor, and upgrading it once in a while can give it a luxurious vibe.

Adding an oomph factor to your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you must spend a fortune on it. By working your way around one or two primary elements and finding the right items to go in it from a bathroom store in Sydney, you can elevate the look and vibe of the area. But this can be a tedious task for someone who may not have much experience working around such tasks. Hence this article contains a few key pointers and suggestions for you to consider if you want to renovate your bathroom.


The texture is the most crucial component when trying to depth to a simple interior, which is relatively easy to introduce. Consider bringing different materials into the space. Look to find flooring and shower tiles that match the texture of the walls and hardware used in the room.


Use hardware and fixtures that have metallic finishing if you want to take the look of your bathroom up a notch. Consider copper and brass if you want something that could add bling to your bathroom. It is worth noting that ideally, you must stick to the same metal throughout the bathroom as this keeps it classy and doesn’t clutter the way your bathroom looks. If you want to play with colours, use colours of the same tone with hardware, such as the sinks and the bathtubs.


If budget is an issue, consider plain white tiles. They are not only cost-effective but convenient too. If you are looking for more exciting ideas, consider asking the person laying your tiles to lay them in a different pattern from the standard formation. You could consider the chevron design, lay them vertically or look into herringbone and other similar patterns.


This is the best feature of any bathroom. Find a freestanding bathtub from a bathroom store in Sydney, and you will find that you have just added great character to your bathroom. The designs you must consider depending on the overall style of the bathroom. If your bathroom has a contemporary style, look for modern freestanding bathtubs. If your bathroom has a vintage look, find a vintage-styled bathtub that fits right into the place.


There is no denying that wall cabinets and freestanding cabinets are handy for storage in the bathroom, but adding custom cabinets shall add an extra dimension to the room. Find unused areas in your bathroom where you could fit some unique cabinets and storage that would make the room seem more beautifully designed and well-built. Consider using the expertise of a carpenter to come up with cabinets that look more professional than the ones you could come up with by yourself.

Final Thoughts

Renovating your bathroom may seem challenging, but it is straightforward once you get the hang of it. Just ensure to use quality items found at a good bathroom store in Sydney and keep the suggestions provided in this article in mind to come up with a beautiful bathroom.


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