No More Hassle: 5 Best Ways to Get Instant Cash for Your Damaged Car 

Imagine someone ran a red light and rammed your car badly, or maybe the weather was not your friend on a particular day, and you ran into a trench. And worst of all, your teenage kid battered your car badly while driving or learning to drive your ‘pricey possession.’ You now have a damaged car and are in a pickle with your insurance company. It could be more frustrating if you opted for only partial coverage of your car, as accidents come with their share of hefty medical bills. And selling your damaged car can add stress to an already difficult situation. 

Damage to a car generally happens when the owner does not take care of the car due to a road accident, or minor dents like seat stains, scratches on bodywork, or chipped windscreens. This can happen to anyone. Selling a damaged car is different from selling a used car. Here’s how you can get quick cash for damaged cars. Read on!

Repair and Sell Your Used Car

If you have decided to sell your car, sometimes the best option is to repair it. Minor repairs add value to your car and do not cost much if you do timely maintenance. Hire a local mechanic and get a complete checkup of your car’s functionality to sell it to private or individual buyers in your area. 

Sell Your Car as Auto Parts

If the repairs cost more than the car’s value, it is better to sell the car for auto parts. Also, if the repair is complicated, like replacing an engine or frame, buyers are free to handle it. Someone might want to pay cash for a wrecked car like yours. Whether for parts or to fix and drive, you can sell individual components or the whole car. Unlike junkyards, these buyers consider the value of your car parts.

Sell it to a Scrapyard.

The next option is to sell to your scrapyard. They are most interested in the amount of metal in your car, so you should remove all important auto parts from your car. You can’t get a better price because of the car model or manufacturing technology. The only advantage of selling to a junkyard is simplicity and speed.

Car Dealers

There are better options for selling your damaged car, but this can be hassle-free. Many car dealers allow you to exchange the damaged car for a new one. If you sell your car to a dealer, fix a deal that can be wrapped up quickly. This way, you get a better price from the dealer. It is also better to go to a store that sells used cars instead of new ones.

Sell It Online

Selling online is generally the quickest and easiest way to get a quote and cash for damaged cars. All you have to do is upload a photo of your car in any condition, fill in the required details, schedule a free pick-up and time convenient for you, and get your free quote in a few minutes. Remember to add any damage to your car to get the correct estimate. Many online sites offer a no-obligation valuation for up to a week and ensure a price guarantee for a few days to protect the car’s value from market fluctuations. 

When you sell your car for cash, you not only receive cash but also have the confidence that it will be responsibly dismantled and recycled. Cars contain harmful metals and liquids, so dumping them in landfills or public waterways is prohibited. Instead, they efficiently and economically remove non-environmentally friendly components in your cars, such as radiator fluids and oils, without harming the environment.


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