Best DTF Printer 2022 

Do you want to buy a dtf printer? Let’s find out together the best on the market of 2022.

Digitization and the increased presence of devices such as smartphones and tablets may have reduced the importance of home printing, but there are still many of us who are dedicated to the traditional paper format. Beyond the business and professional niche, the home a5 booklet printing offer is very diverse in terms of features and costs . Which one to choose?

Choosing The Best dtf Printer for Home

Although many of us get carried away by the offer – and there are really affordable models that make us think about whether it’s more worthwhile to refurbish the dtf printer or buy the consumable -, the key factors in choosing a dtf printer are technology. They use print speed, extra features or cost per page. However, factors such as connectivity or the size we have are also important.

Printing Technology

Print technology is cost-effective, both for printing and for scanning the device in question. So much so that  according to our calculations  , buying a liter of dtf printer ink nowadays costs more than a liter of luxury perfume.

  • Inkjet is the most popular technology in this industry, although lasers are gaining ground. The prices of these printers in their simpler versions are generally quite inexpensive, allowing us not only to print in color, but also to access models that also scan or photocopy. Here we will review the  included cartridges, their capacity and price. Likewise, it’s worth looking into whether there are any compatible consumables that make the investment cheaper. Attention because with this type of dtf printer it is important to consider how much we print: if we use it intensively, the cost per page will be higher than with other technologies. But if we intend to print too little, we run the risk of the cartridges drying out.
  • Laser printers use toner (powdered pigments) in place of cartridges, offering a generally lower cost per page than ink-based printing.  Single-color templates for this industry are relatively affordable, so they are particularly attractive if you are printing black and white documents, if you have heavy use or if the idea is to print from time to time.
  • Ink tank printers are the latest to arrive and are gradually gaining ground.  These are inkjet printers but with reservoirs or reservoirs instead of cartridges, which results in a lower cost per copy, as you only need to refill the ink and not replace the cartridge.  They are positioned right in the middle of the above, for those users who need inkjet technology but want to print a high workload on it.  In general they are more expensive and bulky than the standard ones.

Types of dtf printers by functionality

As we’ve seen, intensity and application determine which technology to opt for, although we can go further with additional features.

The starting point is the basic dtf printer, for documents of all kinds, but we will also find  multifunction models that solve useful tasks such  as photocopying or scanning – at the enterprise level, there are still faxes. One of the strengths of these multifunction models is that we can find them in the most affordable ranges and in a fairly compact format, which means that for almost the same price we can gain in functionality.

Yes, if the idea is that it is not a sporadic use but that we will use this multifunction frequently, pay attention to the resolution of the scanner (dpi) and consumption.

If we want you to  print photographs  , we will also find families that accept photo paper, higher quality pigment inks, higher resolution and more refined printing technology.


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