Car Accident Towing: Tow Your Car to Safety

Your automobile may be hauled away from the site of an accident. Meanwhile, a tow truck will be sent if your vehicle cannot be driven by you or the police. If not, you’ll not be able to leave the scene in your automobile.

Meanwhile, here are a few things to do before the car accident towing vehicle arrives as the police believe it’s hazardous for you to drive your automobile:

Take pictures of the scene of the accident: The outside of your vehicle, other automobiles, and even your car’s interior should all be photographed from different angles using your cell phone. And that’s when you need to get in touch with the best auto insurance company, as these pictures can be used to back up your insurance claim and, if necessary, a legal action.

Compile a record of your insurance policies and receipts: Exchange your insurance information with the other motorist as soon as possible. If you can, get statements from them and any other witnesses to what transpired. You may record them using your phone.

Remove all of the vehicle’s valuables: Consider the possibility of being without a car for a few days. Also, be careful not to leave anything of value behind.

Look for an auto body shop that can accept your vehicle if possible: This may not be achievable if you’re not in the area or don’t have the time. Meanwhile, it’s helpful to know where to have your automobile towed after an accident, such as the repair shop you want to use. Auto body shops that you know and trust and those that your insurance company has pre-approved might be used for this service.

Call your insurance company if you can: Your coverage may cover towing in some circumstances, but you’ll have to check with them nevertheless as they may require a particular towing service. Meanwhile, there are exceptions to this rule, such as when a vehicle obstructs traffic or endangers public safety. As such, tow drivers will have to be on the move if they want to make it in time.

Get the tow truck driver’s paperwork: You should know where your automobile is going, how much it will cost to have it towed and where it will be stored if taken to their tow yard and not to an auto body shop. So before handing over the keys, make sure you have a receipt or invoice to show proof of the transaction.

Moreover, only deliver your vehicle to a tow truck driver who has been dispatched to the accident scene. It’s a red flag if somebody shows up before that time.

After an Accident, How Do You Have Your Automobile Towed?

Car accident towing before the arrival of cops to the scene is a very bad idea. Your car’s damage must be documented for the police to file an accident report. Meanwhile, after an accident, your vehicle may be hauled to a mechanic, car repair shop, or salvage yard, limiting your ability to use it for days. And before your automobile is towed, you should remove any critical documents or personal items from the vehicle.

Because the lives of the individuals engaged in the collision are more important than the cars involved, you should prioritise the safety of the people around you. However, if you have the opportunity, there are a few things you can do to make your towing trip better, such as:

Call a Reputable Towing Company

It’s possible to summon a tow truck if the police at the accident site allow it and it is available. As such, if your insurance provider doesn’t specify one, the towing service you pick will be up to you. But choosing a trustworthy towing service is essential, and for that, search online for reputable businesses with good ratings and reviews if you don’t already have any in mind.

There are tow truck frauds, so be wary when selecting a service to utilise. Also, it would be best if you were wary of anyone who calls and asks for your credit card number over the phone.


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